What is Being?

Being is a term with several definitions , commonly used, however, it has a definition with some complexity. First, it can be said that being a copulative verb : this allows to form a nominal predication, relating the subject with a predicate. In this order of ideas, the term being does not add a semantic meaning. Rather, it acts as a nexus. On certain occasions, it also becomes an abstract verb, that is, it lacks a concrete meaning.

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In the course of history there have been various famous phrases that have used this verb that concerns us as an essential part of it. The term of being also resembles an entity or a creature. That which “is” has a real presence; it is part of reality, be it symbolic or physical. Due to this there are many sets that originate from the idea of ​​being.

Various concepts

The human being is homo sapiens , a species of animal origin that belongs to the group of hominids. All people are human beings, in addition to being a living being, since we have life. The group of living beings extends long to the human being. All plants, animals, fungi, bacteria, and protozoa are living things.

In the field of fiction, people also talk about beings. In this way, there are writers who imagined beings endowed with energy, extraterrestrial beings, cosmic beings, etc.

In the philosophical field, it is understood to be the objective world, matter, which exists apart from consciousness. With regard to society, the term “social being” is used. Studying the materiality of the world and its being as similar concepts, dialectical materialism refutes the idealistic notion of being as something that exists before or apart from matter, as well as its attempts to presume the being of the act of consciousness.

In another vein, it is not only enough to underline, only the objective nature of being, since in this way the matter of its ideal or material character remains unclear . By recognizing that being is primary, and consciousness ends up being secondary, dialectical materialism, however, does not demonstrate consciousness as a passive reflection, but rather as an active force that influences being.

The most general and indefinite concept that catalogs the existence of something universal. In this way, it is necessary to differentiate between existence and being , as more specific and profound peculiarities of neutral processes and phenomena.

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