Minute is a word that comes from the Latin minūtus and it means small or small. Currently it has several meanings depending on the context in which it is used:

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In a company

meeting minute is the summary or annotations of what was developed during a meeting, from the reason to what was achieved at the meeting.

It also refers to the legal document establishing a company, where everything concerning the company’s partners and activities is stated .

Finally, but in the case of independent or self-employed workers , a minute can be the summary of the activities to be carried out during the development of a project.

Structure of a minute about a meeting

To be considered a true bill, it must have at least the following information:

  • Date, start and end time, place and name of people who should attend.
  • Name of the person who led, moderated the meeting and who is in charge of the minutes.
  • Agenda of the day, that is, what are the main points that led to the convening of the meeting.
  • Issues discussed and not discussed (even if they were on the agenda), and why they were not discussed.
  • Agreements and conclusions reached and how they were reached (by vote, debate, consensus, etc.)
  • Actions necessary to ensure that the agreements are materialized or carried out. It is written who or who will be responsible and any other information that describes the actions to be taken.
  • Attendance signature by everyone.

Example of meeting minutes

Date: January 31, 2018

Start time: 8:00 AM

End Time: 8:30 AM

Place: Sales Meeting room.


Pre-evaluation of upcoming February results.


Ruperto Mendoza Gutiérrez – Sales Manager -Yes

Miguel Barros – Salesperson – Yes

Diana Gómez – Salesperson – Yes

Gertrudis Rivero – Vendor – No: medical disability

Milagros Paz – Salesperson – Yes

Guillermo Gil – Vendor – Yes


  1. Results for the month of February.

All the vendors are at the finish line, except Mrs. Milagros. Sellers with backorders must invoice to increase their performance.

  1. Vendor support to cover absences from work

Support from other vendors is requested to cover the three-day absence of vendor Gertrudis Rivero. Guillermo and Miguel express their willingness to cover double shifts to increase their sales for the month.


SUBJECT : delivery of month-end results.

AGREEMENT : All sellers must invoice their pending orders to raise their monthly result.

SUBJECT : sales manager requests support to cover the companion’s medical disability (3 days).

AGREEMENT : Guillermo is running to cover double shift today. Milagros is proposed to cover June 2 and 3.


1 Invoice order # 1301 of June 30. Responsible: Miguel Barros. January 31.

2 Invoice order # 1299 of 28. Responsibility: Diana Gómez. January 30th.

3 Collect and invoice order # 1658. Responsible: Guillermo Gil. January 30th.

4 Cover double shift. Responsible: Gertrudis Rivero. January 28.

5 Cover double shift. Responsible: Ruperto Mendoza. January 31.

In gastronomy

It is the list of available dishes, such as the “dishes of the day”, or the menu of an event. Describe from starter to dessert. You can also refer to the account of the customers at the table.

Example of a minute in gastronomy

Starters :

  • Crab mousse canapes.
  • Potato and octopus emulsion.
  • Warm salad with chicken.
  • Fruit sorbet.

First :

  • Stuffed chicken drumstick.

Second :

  • Cod with tomato and baked potatoes.


  • Tiramisu glasses.
  • Assortment of nougat.

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