A carnation is a very common type of flower that is characterized by being aromatic and full of color. It is a type of herbaceous plant that originates from the Mediterranean region.


This flower belongs to the order of Caryophyllales family of Caryophyllaceae , and is among us most of the year, then blooms almost every month.

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The name of carnations arose in ancient Greece with the first botanical studies in that country. Theopharastus was the expert who would give the name Dianthys, whose meaning is God (dia) and Flower (anthos), that is, at that time it was known as “the flower of God.”

On the other hand, Christians tell their own legend about these flowers, they say that they represent the tears of Mary when Jesus was on his way to the crucifixion.

Louis IX of France would be the one who introduced the carnation to this country and with it to Europe. It is said that he brought them from Tunis in the 12th century. In 1629 the existence of more than 20 varieties of these flowers was found, but today about 250 species are recognized.


Carnations have an underground stem, somewhat short, that grows producing a very dense plant with dimensions of up to 1 meter in height and up to 8.5 centimeters in diameter .

It has a strong aromatic smell and you can get them in colors like red, pink, white, yellow and mixed.

Its leaves are linear in appearance, narrow, opposite and sheathed. Each stem forms a complete flower with a maximum of five petals with waves, or with little teeth. Although there have been carnations with up to 40 petals, everything will depend on the species.As curious data, we could mention that the carnation is the national flower of Spain, but it is also important in countries such as Colombia, which is one of the main exporters of carnations in America, and Ecuador or Guatemala, countries where it is also cultivated with care.

Benefits of carnations

Carnation tea serves to relieve fatigue and calm nerves. It also works as a hormonal regulator. On the other hand, an infusion of this flower works to fall asleep in case of insomnia.

Girls who suffer from inflammation during their menstruation may also find the benefits of a carnation infusion.

For many years, this plant has also been used to combat skin rashes and to improve healing.

Finally, another use of this flower is in aromatherapy, as they claim it can reduce stress and anxiety .

Example of carnations

Mass Culture:

  • Dianthuscaryophyllussubsp Coronarius
  • Dianthuscaryophyllusvar Coronarius
  • Dianthuscaryophyllussubsp Coronarius.

Ornamentals :

  • Common carnation
  • Poet’s carnation
  • Crowned carnation
  • Rock carnation
  • Carnation from china

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