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  • daily exercise

    Daily Exercise and Natural Beauty for a Healthy and Beautiful Life

    Hand\Arm Exercises 1. Make a hard punch of your left hand. The joints of your fingers will be white. Now, if you release the punch, your muscles will regain their rest position. Whenever you make a punch, your muscles will…

  • Contact Lens + Contact lens Advantages\disadvantages

    Difference between Contact Lens and Glasses

    “Difference between Contact Lens and Glasses” is a well-discussing topic, nowadays. Once there was a time when the use of glasses is an obsession. But now a day, the contact lens is commonly used. Girls use it much because they…

  • Healthy Skin Food & Tips

    10 Best Foods for Healthy Skin: Glow Skin & natural beauty

    Turns out it’s most likely what’s on your plate that dictates how healthy your skin is? How young do you look? So, here are the Top 10 Best Foods for Healthy Skin. Eating them will surprisingly glow your skin and…

  • Home Facial

    Home Facial: 5 Amazing Types, For Every Type of Skin

    Healthy and glowing skin is the dream of every girl. They use a lot of creams for this purpose. Face skin is very soft and deserve much care. Unfortunately, if the skin become macule than it is very difficult to…

  • contact lens

    Contact Lens Advantages and Disadvantages

    Contact Lens Advantages and Disadvantages: According to a local survey report, 76% of people prefer contact lenses due to its benefits while the remaining 24% of people discuss the disadvantages of contact lenses. They prefer glasses and thick that glasses…

  • glowing skin

    9 Awesome Foods for Young, Beautiful and Glowing Skin Naturally

    Our diet leaves effect not only on health, but it also affects on our personality or age. And if you want to look younger after mid-age or even after 50 years, without any use of any plastic surgery or medicine.These…

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