A cliché is a phrase, expression or action that has been overused and therefore has lost its value. Clichés are often rejected by many people, because they feel that they do not add much to a conversation or situation.

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It is normal to hear one or another cliche on television, read them in newspapers or books. Some of them are used even knowing that they have these characteristics, because it does not lead to any error or bad way of communicating, only that some people no longer feel confidence in such expressions.


It is also allowed to say “cliche”.

Generally, a cliche is the result of the wear and tear of an expression or action. This means that such an expression did have notoriety in the past , but that from so much use or for being obsolete , it has become a cliché.

Today there are many areas where clichés are an essential part, ironically, of communication, for example, film and television, in education , in parenting and in love.

Some educational systems are now obsolete and the way they train students is full of overrated ideas.

Movies, depending on their genre, are loaded with clichés on all sides, like happy endings in romantic feature films, for example.

Mothers, for their part, cannot avoid saying clichéd phrases to their children to make them see reason or to show them the meaning of a lesson.

But the subject where the existence of clichés has been most noted is love . The phrases with which a boy or a girl tries to fall in love with another are expressions that perhaps they have already heard from someone else , and that is, it is the cinema, books and novels that are the main sources of inspiration for those who decide to express one of these worn-out ideas. .

Examples of cliches

  • “I enjoy walks on the beach and sunsets.”
  • “I only look at what the person carries inside.”
  • “It was love at first sight”.
  • “If your friend jumps off a bridge …”.
  • “My hobby is listening to music”.
  • “It’s not you, it’s Me”.
  • “You deserve someone better than me.”
  • “If you don’t study they won’t be someone in life.”
  • “Everything happens for something”.
  • «You are a lot to him / her».
  • “You are worth a lot.”
  • «I love my body as it is».
  • “Chubby ones are happy.”
  • When during a suspenseful scene, a surprising noise happens, but it is a cat that jumped from one side to the other.
  • The typical story of a beginning writer, who projects himself recounting the story of someone who lost the inspiration to write.
  • Telenovelas where the poor and humble girl falls in love with a rich and handsome man, who is presumed to be her half sister.

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