A client is a person who uses the services of a professional, a company or who buys a product at a given time. It is also known as a customer who does the above, but on a regular basis, for example, a subject who constantly goes to a particular restaurant.

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They are a fundamental part of the development of a company of any kind. Regardless of the nature of the business, the ultimate goal of every company is to accumulate a good number of clients, according to its capabilities and offer.

Customer types

Although a model for their classification has not been established, on the web we can find several types of clients:

  • According to frequency

Irregular . They are those who do not request the goods or services frequently, but from time to time, either because they decide to try other companies or because it is not necessary to do so.

Regular . They are those people who become loyal followers of the company and therefore become regular customers.

  • According to satisfaction level

Very satisfied. It is the client who exceeded their expectations and who feels that they were treated in a unique and special way.

Satisfied. It is the one who managed to meet your expectations, neither more nor less.

Little satisfied. When what is acquired is far from complying with the characteristics of advertising. These people usually do not use the company as such so as not to feel ripped off again.

  • According to validity

In many companies there is a database of who at some point have been their clients, that is why some people will appear as active clients or inactive clients . Depending on what the company offers, a time is established to consider that someone is an active customer or not.

  • According to its influence

Very influential. People who have a very high level of influence and therefore can change the purchase intention of their relatives or followers, in the case of celebrities. For many years, film and television personalities have been hired to promote a product or service.

Of average influence . It refers to those who move in a smaller community of people or who speak about very specific topics and therefore have less opportunity to influence a large number of people.

Of family influence . Those that influence the intention to purchase family nuclei. It can be within your own family as well as in others.


  • Consumers in a restaurant.
  • Those who buy their basic basket in a particular supermarket.
  • A company that enjoys the services of another.
  • Subscribers to Internet services, telephony, cable TV, etc.

Another definition of customer

In computing , a client is known as a computer that consumes the service that another device (server) sends it. The most common example is a computer, which will be the client on a data network, for example.

In a computer network, one of them is established as the server, while the others will be the clients.

Customer types (IT)

Heavy, light and mobile clients.

The first has to do with computers with ample computing capacity, which may well be a powerful laptop or a computer used in any industry.

The latter refer to any computer that we use at home for daily tasks, and mobile clients are cell phones, tablets, smart watches, etc.

Client example

  • Personal computers
  • Printers
  • Smartphones
  • Google Home
  • Chromecast
  • The different hosts on a data network.

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