Coriander Benefits and Vitamins with Importance in Daily Life

Let have a look on Coriander

Who is Unacquainted with coriander.! It is use in all food items in Asia and is compulsory element of cooking. This is widely cultivated in the rural areas. In addition to, it is also cultivated in home gardens. As after cooking, the fragrance of coriander makes gravy more tasteful and delicious, Therefore it is widely used in Asian countries.


Potassium, calcium, copper, iron, zinc, vitamin B, vitamin C and magnesium are present in coriander. It is a Fragile and lush vegetable and its seeds increase the taste of the food.

Advantages of Coriander:Coriander

    • It keeps the nervous system correct.
    • Reduces the cholesterol level in the body.
    • It is also useful for stomach acne.
    • It is beneficial to use nausea and screw.
    • Decreases menstruation.
    • Taking relief in dyeing joints.
    • Reduces the increased amount of diabetes level in patients.
    • It is useful in Stomach pain.
    • keeps the eye right.
    • Gives strength to the stomach.
    • Strengthens the heart and in addition, there is reduction in abundance.
    • Coriander stops vomiting.
    • Controls haemorrhoids
    • Prevent the burning of urine
    • Ends stomach pain and gas from belly.
    • The weakness of the intestines
    • Beneficial for mouth peeling and also for ulcers.
    • Removes swelling of joints.
    • Removes deficiency of blood in body.
    • It is also useful for the kidneys
    • Makes smoth the urine flow.
    • Helps to controlling affluence of erotic dream (night discharge, wet dream).

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