Customer service

What is customer service about

The service to the customer is the form or mode through which caters to individuals or groups of people requesting information specific service or specific service, feel making them comfortable and at ease with yourself and the product you want to purchase.

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Talking about good customer service is talking about excellent care and  quality control in the products offered, it is studying the market and knowing how to treat customers, in short it is talking about marketing and using its tools effectively and effective.

Quality customer service is based on the following principles, namely:

    • Temporary service planning : depending on the season of the year in which it is, there are some customer service services, that is, the attention is adapted to the environment and space in which it is located or the season of the year in which it is . An example of this we can find the holiday seasons in the middle of the year; During this period, companies, businesses or stores adapt their resources in favor of this time of year in order to satisfy customer needs.
    • Renewal of the client’s needs : there are services that must be renewed every year or every so often, for this, effective attention and communication with the client is needed for their renewal or cancellation.
    • Customer feedback : constant communication with the customer allows effective feedback and contributes to company improvements. In this sense, the conducting of surveys that allow determining the result of the feedback is handled a lot.

Importance of customer service

Excellent customer service is the guarantee of the correct operation of your company, when people say “the customer is always right” is totally true, and this is because the more satisfied the customer is, the higher the recommendations and even more positive references from your business.

Taking into account that attracting customers will always be an even greater challenge than keeping the ones you already have, this is where the importance of good customer service lies.

Techniques to handle

It is important to note that before any technique or method for excellent customer service, there is empathy. This is a virtue that very few people have, however, it is an excellent ally when doing business.

In this sense, we can mention in general lines, a series of techniques that can be used when offering excellent customer service; among which we can mention:

  • Explanation technique : it is based on the orientation method to guide the customer to a satisfactory purchase of the product offered, or provide good advice, in the case of this issue. The basis of this technique is solving the following formula with correct answers: problem / solution / benefit.
  • Empathic technique : getting involved with the customer’s need, to the point of feeling it as your own, is an action of empathy that every buyer applauds and needs. This allows the client to feel cared for and accompanied in their need. It is a technique that deserves a lot of attention, as it takes care of the needs of each client separately.
  • Interrogative technique: it is based on the process through which a series of questions are asked, such as an interrogation, thus allowing to measure the level of attention, receptivity and impact of the product on the clientele.

The fundamental elements of excellent customer service are:

  1. Effective relationship.
  2. Contact directly, without an intermediary.
  3. Product installation.
  4. Advice, claims and compliments.
  5. Correspondence.

Examples of good customer service

  1. Always greet in a cordial way, with a good morning, if it is daytime, good afternoon or good night, depending on the case.
  2. Attend the customer in a friendly and polite way.
  3. Make the customer feel at home.
  4. Always maintain education and instill it in the personnel who work within the facilities.
  5. If there is a complaint, good care is based on solving it and responding in a timely manner.
  6. A plus is always offered to the client so that in this way they leave satisfied with the service that has been provided.

Examples of companies that handle good customer service

  1. Free market
  2. Amazon
  3. Virgin Atlantic Airlines
  4. Zappos
  5. Safelite Autoglass
  6. Basecamp
  7. Walmart
  8. The health sachet
  9. Air Europe
  10. Ritz-Carlton
  11. Trainline
  12. Spotify

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