What does prejudice mean?

The term damage is used to define a situation or event that has affected or caused damage to a person or entity . It represents losses, injuries and offenses which arise as a result of the action that is exercised to harm . This kind of situation can occur in any area or space, both personally and socially and labor. From a judicial perspective, damage is understood as a crime that, depending on the case, can be punished.

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In this sense, it is necessary to mention that damages of different kinds can be manifested from the damage, this, regardless of whether it happens accidentally or intentionally. It involves moral, civil or ethical aspects and is understood as deterioration caused through slander or deception. They affect the integrity and dignity of the individual or entity, their reputation and honor are questioned. For its part, there is also physical or material perjury, this is based on the aggression exercised against an individual or against his property.

On the other hand, in perjury matters, the law is in charge of evaluating and demanding compensation for the damages caused. Of course, as long as it is determined that the action was exerted by totally intentional force. For the judicial system to validate a refund from the aggressor to the victim, the latter must present concrete evidence of the crime committed. It has been determined that in most of these types of cases you end up losing more than you could earn.

Differences between prejudice and prejudice

On countless occasions these two terms are mistakenly associated and confused. Although they are written in similar ways, their concept and meaning is totally different. As mentioned before, the injury represents an injurious act , which generates damages. On the other hand, prejudice is defined as an opinion or judgment given in advance about something or someone. The writing of these two coincide and resemble each other because they come from the same Latin word,  praeiudicium .

Examples of the difference between both terms

  • The prejudice that Martin has about his investor Raúl will cause financial damage to the company.
  • Laura prejudiced Samuel, which caused damage to their relationship.
  • The gender bias are not allowing women to run departments in the company, this will cause severe damage.

Examples of injury

  • The protest of the employees against the factory left material damages.
  • The charges brought against the mayor caused damage to his morals and ethics.
  • Camila attacked Dani causing her physical injury.
  • The lawsuit brought against the company left financial damages.
  • The false testimony declared by a witness caused damage to the accused, being unjustly convicted.

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