Database Example

The database is defined as the set of data that belongs to the same context and is systematically saved for later use.

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When you work with databases you can build as many fast, dynamic and modern sites since you can store all kinds of information as long as they are installed properly.

10 Database Examples

  1. To make a payroll payment safely, a database with all the necessary information of the employees is used.
  2. To keep the accounting of any company, the database is used to better control all movements.
  3. In banks, databases are of great importance since through them the financial movements of clients are controlled.
  4. In a restaurant, the database is used to keep track of the dishes that are sold during the day.
  5. In an auto parts store, the database is used to find out how many parts have been sold and how much is left.
  6. In the payment of monthly payments of a school, it is used to keep track of the representatives that go daily.
  7. In a car wash, the database with the model of the cars is used to keep a good cost accounting of the used products.
  8. Pharmacies use the database to find out how many drugs are available.
  9. The clothing stores carry out the database, saving the information with the reference number of each garment.
  10. In a factory, the database must have all the important information of its employees, starting with their years of work, to make the correct arrangements.

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