Difference Between Chemical and Physical Properties

The Major Difference Between Chemical and Physical Properties is that in physical properties or change no new substance is formed and only physical properties of matter change like the melting of wax while in chemical properties of change new substances are formed and chemical properties of matter are being changed. like the burning of wax.


Chemical and Physical Properties are the many different properties that substances may have. They can be classified into two categories: physical properties and chemical properties. Physical Properties include things like color, shape, size, texture, density, hardness, or softness. Chemical Properties involve how reactive a substance is to other substances in the environment around it.

Both Properties are important because they essentially tell us about a compound’s reactivity with other compounds – which is crucial information for chemists who want to know whether their experiment will work as planned!

What are Chemical Properties?

Chemical properties are the physical and chemical characteristics of a substance. They can be classified as physical or chemical, which is determined by whether or not they result from the motion of atoms and molecules. Physical properties include boiling point, melting point, solubility in water, density, color, and odor.

Chemical properties depend on how electrons are arranged around an atom’s nucleus – these arrangements determine what type of element it is (i.e., hydrogen has one electron whereas lead has twenty-two).

This makes each different element react differently with other substances; for example, if you heat sodium hydroxide (NaOH) with hydrochloric acid (HCl), they will produce saltwater (NaCl + H2O) and chlorine gas.

What are Physical Properties?

Physical properties in chemistry are all the things that can be observed about the matter. They include color, magnetism, solubility, and many others. These observations can help chemists gain knowledge about chemical reactions and provide information on how to react to substances together.

Physical properties of a substance change when it is mixed with other substances or heated up. When a reaction occurs between two types of matter, the physical properties will also change as a result of this interaction. This variety of changes is one reason why chemistry is such an interesting field!

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