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Difference between Contact Lens and Glasses with Examples

A Comprehensive Discussion on Contact Lens and Glasses

“Difference between Contact Lens and Glasses” is a well-discussing topic, nowadays. Once there was a time when the use of glasses is an obsession. But now a day, the contact lens is commonly used. Girls use it much because they feel bad with glasses, especially at marriage ceremonies or in other functions. They cannot imagine participating in these parties or functions with glasses.

In functions, mostly girls use contact lenses because glasses affect their makeup. Along with the use of a contact lens for eyesight; these are also used for changing the color of eyes. There are many advantages and disadvantages of contact lenses.

Precautions\Safety Tips while using Contact Lens

The contact lens is very useful. Glasses affect the beauty of the face. Lenses increase the beauty of your face. However, if you do not work or use a lens carefully then it is very dangerous for your eyesight and obviously for your eyes.

Whenever, you wanted to use the lens, clean it carefully first. Always use lenses with clean hands. Besides that, your make-up things use for eyes should also be clean and clear. Your makeup brushes should be clean because germs spread from them and cause infection. Those girls who were attending functions should keep their brushes very clean. So that there prospect of infection with germs remains at least.

If you have any cream in your hands then don’t use lenses without removing the cream from these hands. Because it sounds fogy in your eyes and starts irritation in the eyes. In winters, mostly girls and women use some lotion or cream after washing their hands. They should be very careful about using a contact lens with these hands.

Use lenses before the makeup. Some women do not think that after using a lens water starts flowing from the eyes. They use lenses after the makeup and unfortunately, all the makeup gets worse. So, it is better to use a lens before makeup.

Difference between Contact Lens and Glasses

Those girls, which wanted to use lenses after the makeup. They always had tissue paper in their hands to stop the water from flowing from their eyes. Always use oil-free products of makeup. These products were expensive but, there is no risk of any infection within them. These products are also easily used after lenses.

Using oil-based makeup is itself a threat that the makeup is being spread. In addition to this; there is also a risk that some of its particles were affecting the lens. Therefore, don’t use oil-based makeup in case of protecting your eyes from any kind of infection.

Take care too that, don’t leave any smelly thing near the lens. Don’t leave nail polish, nail polish remover, body spray, or perfumes near the lenses. The chemicals in the smell of these things can affect the lenses.

Difference between Contact Lens and Glasses

Remove the lens before removing the makeup because you should close your eyes for this purpose. There is a threat of misplacing the lens from its original position. There is also a threat of breaking the lens due to the pressure of the closed eye. The layer of the lens is very soft. Therefore, it’s better to take no risk and remove lenses before removing the makeup.

At a party or other functions, there were very well glowing lights and also the flashes of the camera. These lights cause pain in the eyes, irritation in the eyes, fogy sight, or headache. Therefore, try to use those lenses which have the capability to stop these well glowing lights. As their prices were high but on these occasions, these lenses were best.

Difference between Contact Lens and Glasses

Contact Lens


People feel that they look better with a contact lens Glasses also compliment your style if carefully selected
They won’t hide your beautiful eyes They hide your real beauty
Contact lens move in the same direction of your eyes Glasses always stay at the front of your face
It is difficult to use a lens and it requires more time It is easy to use without wasting your time
They tend to cost a lot more than regular glasses Regular glasses don’t cost high
More natural eyesight without any distortion Have frames to obstruct vision
They do not fog up Glasses fog up or splattered by Mud or rain 
It requires frequent replacement  purchases Glasses require no such type of replacement purchases
They can easily be lost if they fall out It is easy to find the lost glasses
Lenses are excellent for sports and other physical activities Disadvantageous for athletics and sports and easy to break
Lenses give stylish look to your personality Most people don’t prefer the look of glasses
Its care requires more time Glasses don’t need much care as lenses
It has the option to alter eye color It has no such type of option
A lot of care is needed while using lenses No need to much care
Lenses have no weight The extra weight of glasses whole time at the face
difference between contact lens and glasses

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