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What is the Difference between Evaporation and Boiling?

the major difference between Evaporation and Boiling is that Evaporation is a process in which the water changes its state from liquid to vapor without boiling while boiling is the process in which a substance changes its state from a liquid state to a gaseous state.

Evaporation Vs. Boiling

What is Evaporation?

What is Boiling?

difference between Evaporation and Boiling

Evaporation Boiling
Evaporation always occurs at a fixed temperature. Boiling can occur at any temperature.
in this process, the bubbles are formed as a result of the liquid. No bubbles are formed.
it takes place throughout the liquid. only takes place on the surface of the liquid.
the temperature of the liquid body decreases when evaporation takes place. in contrast, the temperature remains constant during this process.
It is a quick process rather than Boiling. Boiling is a slow process.
continues as long as the air above the surface of the liquid remains unsaturated. it takes place until the internal temperature of the liquid is equal to the external temperature of the surroundings.
to initialize this process, a heat energy source is supplied to the liquid. sunlight or surrounding temperature is a major source to initialize the boiling process.
the temperature remains constant to get the required results. temperature can vary depending on the situation.
Evaporation reached the boiling point. Evaporation can harm you with serious consequences.
known as the process of vaporization of liquids at room temperature. known as the process of evaporation of liquids at the boiling point of liquids.
sweat from our bodies is one example of evaporation. For example, water boils at 100 °C.

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