What is the Difference between Length and Height?

in mathematical geometry, length and height are two commonly known parameters that are concerned with the shapes of many objects. the basic difference between length and height is that length measures the object from point to point straight forward or backward while height is a measurement of an object from top to bottom.

Length vs Height

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we do several activities regarding both parameters in our daily life but don’t have a clear idea to determine or distinguish both easily. typically, length refers to the longest distance from one point to another. it also can be a side-to-side distance of a square or rectangle etc.

in other words, when we talk about length, we are talking about how large or long the object actually is. on the other hand, height is a verticle side or distance of a plane or object. the y-axis of the cartesian plane represents the height.

for example, measuring a room from the surface to its ceil is referred to as height. the height tells us how tall is an object. verticle distance of a building, tree, stair, etc. is a common example of height in our daily life.

Length vs Height – Comparison Table



length is the distance between point to point taken in the horizontal position. Height is the distance between point to point taken in the verticle or upward position.
it tells us how long or far is an object. it tells us how tall is an object.
measured in the horizontal position. measured in the verticle position.
it’s an extended dimension of an object. it’s an ordinary oriented dimension of an object.
the axis of measurement of length refers to X-axis. the axis of measurement of length refers to the Y-axis.
length is applied to one-dimensional Objects. Height is not applicable to one-dimensional Objects.

What is the Definition of Length?

the measurement of the distance from one point to another is known as length. we use “meter” as a base unit for length in the SI system of units. all other units such as centimeters, millimeters, kilometers, etc are derived from this base unit. it is the most extended dimension for any object.

the dimension used for length is [L]. we have to see multiple variations for specific terms like height, width, breadth, depth, etc. all of which have the same meaning.

when we take verticle measurements of any object, we use length to measure that distance. when we need to measure only one side of any object like a square or rectangle etc. we only use length. while measuring the area we use two dimensions length and height and then for volume, we use three dimensions.

What is the Definition of Height?

Height is the measurement of the vertical distance of any object and is derived from the obsolete form of height and height. it tells us how tall someone or something is. we use this specific term on measuring cetin heights like a room, airplane, mountain, stairs, tree, etc from the sea level or surface of the earth.

the following term is equally important and frequently used in many scientific subjects and fields like geosciences, aviation, human culture, etc.

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