Difference between system software and Application Software

The difference between system software and Application Software is that system software provides a platform for the user to interact with the hardware of the computer and it needs to run system software while Application software runs on an operating system serving a specific purpose and is not needed to run system software.

System software is a set of programs that manages the computer’s hardware and peripherals. These include the operating system, device drivers, utilities to manage files on external devices like USB sticks or SD cards, and other tools to repair the computer if it crashes.

Application software allows people to do specific tasks like word processing or video editing for work or fun. System and application software is often bundled together in one program package called an “operating system.”

System software Application Software
The program directly related to the hardware of the computer is known as system software. The program that is designed to fulfill the user’s needs is known as application software.
It contributes to the control and performance of the computer system. It enables the computer to produce useful work such as writing a newspaper, making reports and preparing accounts, etc.
It includes a number of programs i.e.

It is further divided into two classes:

  • General-purpose application software.
  • Special purpose application software.


It’s no secret that the world is becoming increasingly digital. For this reason, it has never been more important for us to stay on top of trends and innovations in software development. One type worth taking note of right now is “System” based applications versus application-based ones like those found with an operating system or web browser. So what exactly makes them so different?

The answer couldn’t be simpler – all System Software does its job without any human intervention while App Programming needs both humans and machines working together as one complete unit; sometimes even utilizing artificial intelligence algorithms where applicable.

What is System software?

System Software: The set of programs that manages your computer’s hardware and peripherals including its operating system (OS), device drivers, utilities for managing files on external storage such as USB sticks or SD cards, and other tools for repairing your PC when it crashes.

System software is a type of computer program that manages and operates the hardware and other devices connected to your computer. Examples of system software include operating systems, drivers, firmware, device managers, utilities, and more. What do you think?

System Software Examples

  •  Windows 8
  • Linux Mint 17 KDE
  • Ubuntu 14.04 LTS Server Edition
  • Fedora 21 Workstation Edition
  • compiler
  • assembler
  • debugger
  • driver
  • and many others!

What is Application Software?

Application software is a category of computer programs designed to help the user execute tasks and operations on a computer. It can be used by all levels of users, from beginners who are learning how to use their first laptop to hackers trying to break into an enemy’s security system.

What application should you install? That’s up to you to decide! Application software falls under the banner of a “computer program,” which is defined as any set sequence of instructions that tells a computer what it needs to do.

These include word processing programs like Microsoft Word, database management systems such as Oracle or MySQL, and games such as Minecraft or The Sims 3. You might also find app-based tools for social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

Application Software Examples

  • Wordprocessor
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Microsoft Access
  • Spreadsheet
  • web browser
  • media player

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