The term discern refers to the ability that human beings have to differentiate one thing from another.

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The act of discerning is directly related to moral values. According to the moral judgment that is made, the difference between the good and the bad of each situation will be able to be noticed in order to know what decision or position to take.

The synonyms of this word are: understand, understand, judge, clarify, appreciate, distinguish, perceive, perceive, apprehend, distinguish, judge, understand, perceive, know, single out and single out.

The antonyms are: confuse, confuse and ignore.

What is discernment?

On the other hand, discernment also means giving a person a distinction of honor or an award.

At the etymological level, “discernment” contains the Latin suffix ” mentum ” which means “means or instrument” and “discern” also has its origin in the Latin ” discernere ” which translates as “distinguish or separate”.

In the legal field

From a legal point of view, it has to do with the assignment of a guardian or curator to an individual who does not enjoy discernment. This tutor will be in charge of representing such person in different civil acts.

This is how the tutor will make all the important decisions , even on a personal level. On the other hand, if a conservator is assigned, he or she can decide on the person’s assets based on managing them correctly.

Examples of discerning

Next, we will see some phrases with the word or its synonyms to understand a little more if its use and meaning.

  • You will never know how to discern the seed from the lie.
  • That is what Juan and Gustavo began to prosecute.
  • He was wise to discern evil, and strong to resist it.
  • Can’t you understand the meaning of my words?
  • The luck of the other is not always easy to distinguish.
  • You cannot judge the meaning of my actions, just like that.
  • Each of us responded after praying, reflecting, and discerning.
  • Without this basic information, the root problem cannot be perceived.
  • Knowing is, in a sense, something more than understanding and defining.
  • Assumptions are often difficult to discern.
  • Give yourself the freedom to observe and learn.
  • Difficult to understand between what is rational and what is not.
  • Knowing is more than discerning appearance and reality.
  • He has the gift of thinking, distinguishing and remembering.
  • You can help your family to discern fact from fiction.
  • What is the true standard for judging good and evil?
  • Sometimes knowing when things happen can take a while to appreciate.
  • Why are people always trying to discern the deepest meanings?

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