The discipline is a moral value that is routinely perform actions organized in order to achieve a particular objective.

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Maintaining discipline is carrying out a task, as planned, despite not wanting to do it. It is having the ability to complete objectives based on the organization of each of our routines.

Characteristics of someone disciplined

These are the main characteristics of a person who perceives his life under discipline:

  • Is able to follow instructions to the letter.
  • The job is someone professional and ethical , who avoids distractions and participates in inconveniences on a personal level with colleagues.
  • It is very difficult for him to leave his established hours , and if he does, he will know how to compensate with an additional task at another time.
  • Disciplined students do not neglect any of their assignments and anticipate exams by studying early.


Being disciplined can bring great benefits, some of them can be:

  • Complete all or most of the tasks and habits that do not depend on the will of other people.
  • Achieve the small or big goals set .
  • Being perceived by others as someone professional and trustworthy. This can improve your position at work and therefore your income.
  • People who maintain correct eating habits and exercise routine, even on those days when it does not cause them to do so, manage to improve their health and appearance.

Examples of discipline

  • Get up early every day.
  • Do your homework at the same time every afternoon or morning.
  • Practice a musical instrument or a sport daily .
  • Organize every night what you should take to school or work the next day.
  • Always prepare your uniform and keep it impeccable.
  • Maintain a training and eating routine if you are an athlete, to improve your performance.
  • Well defined hours to study during the week.
  • An athlete who avoids vices such as cigarettes and alcohol at all costs.
  • Simply follow the rules of a company or educational institution, even if the authorities are not watching you.
  • Start a diet and follow it to the letter for the necessary time.
  • Arrive at work on time and try to do all tasks to the best of your ability.
  • Be consistent in any activity that is positive for you as a person.
  • Attend all scheduled appointments on time.
  • Fulfill all the commitments made voluntarily, no matter how minimal.
  • Design a schedule with everything you have to do in the week and stick to it.

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