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ED full form in Police

ED full form in Police indicates Enforcement Directorate or Directorate General of Economic Enforcement. the ED is a special agency for financial investigation by the Revenue department of the government of India. the Enforcement Directorate was established in 1956 against the Foreign Exchange Management Act, of 1999, and certain provisions to ensure the protection & Prevention of Money Laundering.

it is governed by the Ministry of Finance of the Indian government for enforcing economic laws and fighting against economic crime.

ED full form

Other Similar Terms to ED full form having Different Meanings:

ED Emergency Department (Worldwide)
ED Education (Worldwide)
Ed Editor (Worldwide)
Ed Edition (Worldwide)
ED Erectile Dysfunction (Worldwide)
ED Eating Disorder (Worldwide)
ED Effective Dose (Worldwide)
ED Enumeration District (Worldwide)
ED Engineering Design (Worldwide)
ED Electrodialysis (Worldwide)
ED Ethyldichloroarsine (Worldwide)
ED Efficiency Decoration (Worldwide)
ED Erode Junction Railway Station (India)

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