Euphoria is that state in which people have an exaggerated feeling of happiness, excitement and even joy.

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This state can be due to several factors and one of them is the consumption of some drugs . However, it is an emotion that can be experienced naturally if we go through a moment of happiness.

On the other hand, the ability to resist suffering and problems is also known as euphoria. In fact, the term comes from a Greek word that translates as “force to continue.”

The word “euphoria” has as synonyms : joy, optimism, enthusiasm, vehemence, impetus and others. While its antonyms are: pessimism, discouragement, apathy, decay and more. In this way its meaning is further evidenced.

The natural vs the produced

When we experience great emotion , such as winning an award or passing the last exam of the race, we may have a physical reaction that everyone notices. Sometimes that reaction is exacerbated and that is when we know that the person entered a state of euphoria. It is the natural way to experience it.

Another way to be euphoric is from certain drugs. There are prescription and illegal drugs that cause great happiness that, not always, turns out to be a positive thing. The degree of excitement or adrenaline that it generates makes people comment on improper acts such as vandalism or try to perform acts that put their life or others at risk, for example.

Euphoria and bipolarity

Euphoria can be a symptom of some disorders, such as bipolarity . The bipolar person goes from a state of complete euphoria to depression in a matter of moments, so it is the first warning sign.

In some cases the euphoria may seem false or forced, as there are no apparent reasons to feel it. This, taking into account the way in which it normally occurs, which is when receiving excellent news or experiencing a dream moment, such as marriage, graduation, the birth of a child, etc.

Examples of euphoria

  • An uncontrollable laugh.
  • You want to jump.
  • Feelings of exaggerated joy and happiness.
  • You feel like you love everyone around you.
  • You want to express the positivity that you feel at that moment.
  • You feel like running, clapping your hands, or doing whatever physical movement you think releases energy with.
  • You may or may not experience tachycardia.
  • You may or may not cry with joy.
  • You can’t stop thinking about what has caused that euphoric state.a

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