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Examples of a Landscape Description

It is defined as a description of a landscape to say how it is what its characteristics and everything that can be observed of the place.

When describing a landscape it is something similar to painting since you say the things you see and their colors. Landscapes are everything that surrounds you.

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10 Landscape Description Examples

  1. From this point of view I am observing some beautiful mountains, one of which is higher than the other two and has a little snow in its crown. In the lower part of the mountains you can see a vegetation of many pines and tall trees, you can also see several trees with beautiful yellow flowers.
  2. On the walk to the beach I could see a beautiful blue sky with some white clouds, a radiant sun, the clear water of the beach, and the soft white sand.
  3. There is a beautiful cloudy, cold sunrise, the flowers are more alive and with drops of water, the little birds sing happily for the new dawn. People rush to work with warm clothes and umbrellas.
  4. A long time ago there was a beautiful square in that place where every afternoon some people from the town met to talk. Since the square was illuminated, it had a beautiful vegetation and its benches were made of comfortable wood to spend a good time chatting.
  5. In that cabin you spend a few days full of happiness since you are surrounded by nature, incredible mountains, a lake of blue water like the sky, you can see plants of different kinds and flowers of beautiful colors. There you only hear the singing of the birds, you can see beautiful butterflies and at night you can see the sky with its spectacular stars that shine from the top.
  6. In my aunt’s house you can see beautiful gardens with a great variety of colors. He has a Dalmatian dog which he walks all over the house. It also has fruit trees from which good oranges, mandarins and mangoes are obtained.
  7. My school is large, it has several classrooms and two spacious patios to play with. In my living room there is a blackboard, 25 tables with their chairs, a desk with their chair and some pictures with the national symbols.
  8. My room is light blue, I have a bed with its two nightstands, a closet to store and a table to do my homework.
  9. From the window of my house I can see that in the corner there is a green space with several fruit trees, there are also brown chickens and two black ones and some white sheep.
  10. The man was walking his dog in the park, he was dressed in a black suit and a brown hat, the dog has a beautiful brown coat and his height is medium.

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