Examples of Advanced Search on Google

The advanced Google search  is a way that provides more specific or accurate depending on the search terms entered results. We can implement this configuration if we need information that normally costs a little to find among the set of results returned by Google.

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For example, it is possible to find websites that are not older than 24 hours with updated information or images of a certain size.

Examples of Advanced Search on Google

  • Quoted Search: the results that the search engine shows are those of those websites that contain the exact phrase that you have put in quotes.
  • Search within a web: you must use the command “site:” in addition to the search words, with the URL of the web you want to be reviewed to find the words you are looking for.
  • Search for a definition: use the command “define: example” and then you will have the definitions, although at this point Google offers word concepts without the need for this command.
  • Search by file type
  • Command (+): using a (+) just before a search tells Google to show exactly that term, leaving out synonyms , acronyms and so on.
  • Command (-): it is just the opposite of the previous one. Google will display all terms except the one used in the search.
  • Command (|): works like an “o”.
  • Command (*): the asterisk tells Google that it can change the word (which is written before the asterisk) for another.
  • Related Search : the word related is used to obtain results from web pages similar to the one we include.
  • Cache search: it performs the search in the cache of the pages, that is to say in the backup that Google robots keep of all the web pages that have been indexed at some point. “Cache: url” is used.
  • Info search: the word info is used to obtain much of the information at a glance: results from related pages, on webs and from cache.
  • Links search.
  • Inurl Search: used to search for words or expressions in the URL’s of web pages.
  • Allintitle search: it only shows those websites that have the keyword or keywords in the title of any of their pages.
  • Allintext Search: shows those websites that have the keyword or keywords in the body of any of their pages.
  • Allinanchor search: It works the same as the Allintext search, but this time the search only shows us those websites that have the word or keywords in the text width of the links on their pages.

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