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Examples of Alkynes

We explain the examples of Alkynes. The alkynes are elements made atoms of a carbon triple bond-I carbon and hydrogen. They are also called acetylenic hydrocarbons and among their characteristics is their carbon atoms that have a covalent bond , within which three pairs of electrons are shared.

On the other hand, if we talk about their physical attributes, alkynes have certain similarities with alkanes and alkenes, with the difference that in this case they are elements with higher polarity, said polarity is generated by the presence of carbon “sp” in electrons.

We must bear in mind that alkynes are more reactive , this means that when exposed to certain elements such as water, dust and others, they can oxidize more easily. Also, due to the bond between hydrogen and carbon, it has a greater tendency to ionize.

In contact with water they are poorly soluble or not at all, the opposite occurs when they are in contact with other inorganic compounds such as solvents such as ether, benzene and carbon tetrachloride.

30 Examples of Alkynes

  1. 1,3,5-hexatriino
  2. 1,3-hexadien-5-ino
  3. 1,3-hexadiino
  4. 1-buten-3-ino
  5. 1-butyne
  6. 1-ene-4-hexyne
  7. 1-hexyne
  8. 1-penten-4-ino
  9. 1-propynyl
  10. 2-butyne
  11. 2-nonino
  12. 2-pentine
  13. 2-propynyl
  14. 3,3-diethyl-3,5-nonadiino
  15. 3,5,7-decatriino
  16. 3-ethyl -5-ethynylhepta-1,6-diino
  17. 3-octene-1,5-diino
  18. 3-octene-1,5-triino
  19. October 3
  20. 5,6-dimethyl-3-heptin
  21. 5-methyl-2-hexyne
  22. 5-octene-1,7-diino
  23. 5-octene-1,7-triino
  24. 6-diethyl-4-noniino
  25. 6-methyl-2,4-heptadiino
  26. Cyclobutine
  27. Ethyl Acetylene
  28. Ethyne
  29. Methyl acetylene
  30. Propyl Acetylene
  31. Tip
  32. Terbutyl Acetylene

One of the simplest alkynes in terms of its composition is acetylene , there is also propylene and butyne, these compounds are gases, on the other hand, alkynes that have a higher concentration of carbon atoms turn out to be liquid or solid.

In summary we can conclude that these elements are of great use within industrial chemistry, they are used in other activities such as construction for their ability to weld materials, for example acetylene is a gas much less heavy than air and highly flammable due to which is even capable of melting metals such as steel since with proper and correct use it can reach quite high temperatures, other types of alkynes are used for the production of polymers and other products.

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