Examples of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is defined as that which is carried by machines, a computer is ideal since it is an agent in which any type of action can be carried out.

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In recent years, technology has become a great danger for human beings since every day artificial intelligence is needed more than the intelligence of people. Many companies already have a low number of people working since computers make work much easier. But it is no secret to anyone that artificial intelligence does not work without human intelligence.

10 Example of Artificial Intelligence

  1. Computational artificial intelligence this is what involves the development of learning.
  2. In medicine.
  3. In robotics.
  4. In the industry.
  5. In virtual worlds.
  6. Mechatronic.
  7. When handling photographs, whenever a photo is taken, the system is responsible for analyzing the faces of the people who appear in it.
  8. Optimization in energy use and consumption This is found in phones that are configured even to save energy.
  9. Artificial intelligence is also used to detect some diseases and in turn to treat them, for example to treat some types of cancer.
  10. For the optimization of routes when a large route of a fleet of routes is managed, machine Learning is in charge of taking control from the gasoline they need to the route they make.
  11. The personal assistants these are using artificial intelligence and the more it is used, the better they will work since through them you can perform various actions such as calling a family member, creating an appointment or simply receiving information on what is the fastest route to get to the site of encounter and have less traffic.

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