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Examples of Basic Metal Oxides

A basic oxide also known as metal oxides is a binary compound formed by the union of a metal with oxygen. A basic metal oxide is represented by the chemical formula XO, where the “x” represents meta and the “o” represents oxygen.

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basic metal oxide is characterized by the union of a bond known as ionic. A basic metallic oxide is based on having solid characteristics but with the particularity of having a high melting point.

15 Examples of Basic Metallic Oxides


1. Ferrous oxide Ugly
2. Stannic oxide SnO2
3. Mercuric oxide HgO
4. Auric oxide Au2O3
5. Zinc oxide ZnO
6. Nickel oxide Ni2O3
7. Cuprous oxide Cu2O
8. Silver oxide Ag2O
9. Barium oxide Beam
10. Lead oxide PbO
11. Chromic oxide Cr2o3
12. Calcium oxide CaO
13. Lithium oxide Li2O
14. Cobaltous oxide CoO
15. Titanium oxide


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