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Examples of bears that exist in the world

Bears are carnivorous mammalian animals that are usually characterized by their large size, heavy bodies, and powerful jaws. Today they are considered among the largest carnivores on Earth.

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We share below some examples of bears in the world

Giant panda bear

It is a bear that differs in appearance from the rest of the bear species . Its body has black and white fur; males are usually larger than females. They are not territorial bears, so they tolerate the presence of others in the same areas. Its main habitat is in the mountainous regions of central China, where it has almost 65% of the wild population.

Spectacled bears

This is another example of a bear, Tremarctos ornatus , better known as a spectacled bear, a name they receive because they have a white ring around their eyes. Because they live in areas with warmer temperatures, their fur is thinner compared to other types of bears. It is a small species of bear and thanks to its elongated claws, they are excellent tree climbers. These bears are an endemic species to South America, so they can be found in countries such as Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador, Venezuela and Colombia.

Malay bear

Another example of bears in the world is the Malay bear , whose scientific name is “Ursus malayanus”. They are characterized by being bears with dark brown or black fur and have a yellow horseshoe-shaped area on their chest. The tongue of the Malay bear is another of its peculiarities since it reaches up to 10 inches, which is why it is an expert in extracting honey and catching insects. It inhabits the rainforests of Malaysia, Cambodia, Bangladesh and Burma, although it has also been seen in northwestern India.

Brown bears

The brown bear is one of the best known species of bears, although it is often confused with the grizzly bear. Compared to males, females are usually 30% smaller and according to the subspecies and the location where they are found, their weight and size can vary. This type of bears is considered the most widely distributed of all bear species, so it is possible to find them in regions of Europe, North America, Asia, Canada and Russia.

Polar Bear

Polar bears are easy to identify since they only live in regions where temperatures are extremely low, that is, in the Arctic region. Polar bears are believed to have evolved from brown bears more than 38 million years ago; Their main source of food is seals, which is why they spend a large part of their life in the water trying to hunt them. Polar bears inhabit areas of intense cold, including Alaska, Russia, Canada, Norway, and Greenland.

American black bear

They are bears that have an anatomy that allows them to move with agility, with a much larger head compared to other bears. They are very powerful and robust, their vision is fine and their hearing is keen, and they have a much better sense of smell than any bloodhound dog. They can be found throughout Canada, the United States, and also in Mexico.

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