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Examples of bilaterality

The bilaterality to which we refer here is the bilaterality of the hemispheres of the brain, the left and right, both hemispheres control reverse parts of the body, the left controls the right part and the left controls the right part, we will give you some examples of bilaterality hemispherical later.

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The left brain is the part that will give us the linguistic, analytical and solving capacity of mathematical problems, it is the rational side, while the right brain, or the right part of the brain, is the creative part, two give power of imagination, of interpretation of signs and signals, feelings and attention span.

How to know the predominant bilateral side

It is very easy, with some simple exercises, which are done quickly and spontaneously, let’s see some:

  • Join your hands interlocking the fingers and then see which thumb is on top of the other.
  • Cross your arms in front of your chest and see if the left or right arm has been on top of the other.
  • When crossing the legs, which leg has been on top of the other?
  • Wink, see which eye you close
  • If you rotate on your own axis, do you rotate counterclockwise?
  • Circle an arrow at the end of the line that completes it and see which way it is.

If you answered right thumb, right arm and right leg or to most of these exercises you said right, your predominant bilateral side is the left and vice versa.

It is good to be aware of this to put into practice exercises that activate the opposite side, since one side tends to be used more than the other, the ideal is to balance the functions of the body , of course one side of the brain depends on the other to perform all these tasks, there is a connection path between one and the other, the entire brain has the same information.

What to do to develop the non-dominant side

To develop the functions of the left side of the brain, the following is recommended:

    • Do crossword puzzles
    • Sudoku calculations or mathematical exercises
    • Make rules and regulations and follow them to the letter
    • Complete tasks at set times
    • Detail photos and drawings and write what is observed
    • Tell an anecdote in minute detail
    • Keep a strict order of some things

To develop the functions of the right side of the brain we can do the following:

    • Make concept maps
    • Place labels with colors
    • Draw landscapes
    • Set metaphors
    • Tell a story that moves us
    • Share emotions and feelings
    • Choose a different route than usual

Examples of left bilaterality

People in whom left bilaterality predominates usually have these characteristics:

  1. Obedience and discipline
  2. Retailer and calculator
  3. Usually you will not dare to experience new things
  4. They do not accept contrary opinions
  5. Logical thinking and numerical calculation
  6. Scientists and researchers fall into this category

Examples of right bilaterality

  1. Process information comprehensively
  2. Skillful at reading
  3. Emotional
  4. Messy
  5. Impulsive
  6. Unpredictable
  7. High degree of sensitivity
  8. They connect with others
  9. They are mostly artistic people
  10. They have creativity
  11. They have new ideas
  12. Composers and musicians fall into this category

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