Examples of Buscav Excel

The Buscav Excel is a function with which you can get a value within a data range, in other words you can search for the value within a table and be sure if that value exists or not.

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To use this function correctly it is necessary to have the information organized vertically, rather in columns. It is important to take into account the four arguments that this function has to search your data: the value searched, matrix-search-in, indicator -columns and computer. With this function you can get a specific item.

10 Examples of Buscav Excel

    1. Name- phone.

Alejandro-0277 2914523.

  1. Products- type-description.

Product1 To search (C3.

  1. Surname-names-position-date of birth.

Méndez Luis operator 11/03/1984.

  1. Value 0- wanted value- value1-value2.

Feb. Middle February 15200

  1. Subjects- notes- qualification.

Spanish 15 good.

  1. Book- January-February-March-April.

History 1200 2600 3200 5700.

  1. Article- price- quantity.

Stockings 10500 3

  1. Player- team- country.

Messi Barcelona

  1. Salary- category.

40000 A

  1. Room- number of guests- days- discount rate.

05 4 2.

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