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Examples of Centrifugation

The centrifugation is a process which can separate liquids from solids or vice versa, of different densities by centrifugal force or rotating force.

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Types of Centrifugation

  • Differential Centrifugation
  • Isopynic Centrifugation.
  • Zonal Centrifugation
  • Centrifugation Ultra-centrifugation.

20 Examples of Centrifugation

  1. Centrifugation of blood samples. It is a process that is used very frequently in laboratories, it is a rotating force or known as centrifugation, which causes the sedimentation of particles or solids of higher density.
  2. The washing machine. This appliance uses centrifugal force to separate water from clothes, based on their densities.
  3. Dairy industry. The milk is subjected to centrifugation to divide its lipid and water content, since the latter are used to produce butter from skimmed milk.
  4. Cars in a curve. When a car is speeding around a curve, a force can be felt pulling outward on the curve, producing a centrifugal force pulling the car away from the curve line.
  5. Obtaining enzymes. In the drug industry, it uses centrifugation to get enzymes out of the cells that produce them.
  6. DNA separation. Isopycnic centrifugation is used in genetic laboratories to divide cellular DNA.
  7. Food for celiacs. In order to separate the protein from the gluten in certain foods, the centrifugation procedure is essential.
  8. Blood tests Centrifugal force is used to divide blood components, such as plasma and others that are generally mixed in it.
  9. Acceleration of sedimentation. Centrifugation accelerates the sedimentation procedures that gravity creates spontaneously, reducing the waiting time for the next process.
  10. Cleaning the latex. To carry out a cleaning of this type, centrifugation is carried out, provided by the density of the matter.
  11. Drying of solids. It is another industrial method where a centrifugation machine is used where the solids are discarded and sent to other processes.
  12. Sewage treatment. Centrifuging the dirty water will remove any dense residue inside.
  13. Amusement parks. Many amusement park rides use centrifugal force to create a vacuum effect by rotating on a fixed axis.
  14. Stunt motorcyclists
  15. Inclination of the train tracks
  16. The terrestrial translation
  17. Crystallization
  18. Chromatography
  19. Distillation
  20. Decantation

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