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Examples of chemical energy

The energy chemical is one that is generated due to the interaction between atoms and molecules or what is generally known as chemical reactions .

It is related to a series of benefits for people in different aspects of daily life and in particular, the fact that its polluting effects are minimal stands out; the production of a hundred articles of various uses is thanks to this type of energy.

However, there are specialists in the field who warn about the disadvantages of this type of energy and that are contradictory with the advantages mentioned, specifically the negative effects on the environment due to the toxic components that result from this type of reactions.

An example of this are the fuels used in vehicles such as cars, ships, airplanes and other vehicles . Basically the reaction occurs when the amount of energy inside a body is greater, which will cause an excess of said energy that will be released as a consequence, many times it is produced as light or heat.

Examples of chemical energy

  1. The combustion of coal, gasoline and other fuels.
  2. Photosynthesis in plants.
  3. The metabolism in the organism of the human being and other animals.
  4.  The energy used to put satellites into orbit.
  5. Explosions
  6. Nuclear energy
  7. Exothermic reaction

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