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Examples of Chemical Properties of Matter

The chemical property of matter is given through the exposure of the object to reagents or experimental situations that generate a chemical reaction and the change of property of the body in question.

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The chemical properties of matter are evidenced in procedures carried out in laboratories, as in activities that we carry out in everyday life, such as cooking an egg and its consistency changing. Even so, there are chemical properties of the material that must be carried out under strict safety regulations.

15 Examples of Chemical Properties of Matter

  1. Oxidation: A process in which an atom or an ion gives up electrons.
  2. Combustion: Rapid oxidation process that is generated from the release of heat and light.
  3. Corrosivity: Level of corrosion that one substance can generate on another.
  4. Hydrolysis: It is generated through the breakdown of a molecule or an ion by the actions of water.
  5. Saponification: It consists of the hydrolysis of a triglyceride.
  6. pH: Method to calculate the degree of acidity of a matter .
  7. Reduction: an atom or ion gains electrons.
  8. Reactivity: Process through which one substance reacts in the presence of another.
  9. Esterification: Process that is generated between a fatty acid and an alcohol.
  10. Calorific power: It consists of the amount of energy that is given off in a substance when a chemical reaction occurs.
  11. Ionization: Force necessary for an electron to separate from an atom.
  12. Flammability: Substance that initiates combustion when exposed to high temperatures.
  13. Alkalinity: Ability that a matter has to neutralize any acid.
  14. Stability: Chemical process that prevents the reaction of one substance with another.
  15. Polymerization: It consists of the union of simple molecules to generate one of double or triple weight.

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