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Examples of chiropterans


Chiropterans are a group of flying mammals that have a night life. Colloquially they are known as bats and they have a series of characteristics that differentiate them from other animals; Their size is usually small and medium, although in some species they can be large. They are provided with wings, patagio and long fingers , they have a nail only on the first finger.

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The bats have the particularity of being able to fly at slow speeds compared to birds and they can have a lot of control and plenty of maneuvering.

They can hunt in the dark, vision not being necessary since they use “echolocation” which consists of the emission of ultrasound , these collide with objects and are reflected back towards the mammal’s ears and in this way they can determine the location of objects and other animals in their environment. The sounds they emit are produced in the larynx and depending on the species they can be emitted through the mouth or nostrils.

The vast majority are nocturnal ; the places where they live are usually caves, holes, crevices, closed and hidden environments that can even be old houses and buildings. They can live alone although this also depends on the species.

Their diet is largely based on insects, although they can also be omnivorous, feeding on other small animals such as frogs, toads, lizards, mice and even other bats; There is a group of so-called vampires that inhabit the American tropics and that cause wounds in their victims and then lick the blood of their prey.

Examples of Chiroptera

  1. Large horseshoe bat.
  2. Small horseshoe bat.
  3. Bigeye bat.
  4. Troglodyte bat.
  5. Mountain bat.
  6. Common noctule.
  7. Long-tailed bat.
  8. Gardener bat.
  9. Large robber bat.
  10. Embalonurido bat
  11. Atrozoidae bat
  12. Furiptérido bat
  13. Myzopodid bat
  14. Long-legged bat
  15. Thyroptérid bat
  16. Mormopid bat
  17. Mystazinid bat
  18. Noctinylid bat
  19. Philostomid bat
  20. Meganermatid bat

It is important to note that this type of animal is the only mammal that has the ability to fly . Its extension on the planet has been wide, occupying varied spaces as well as diverse ecological niches. Their role in nature is of vital importance since they perform pollination and seed distribution functions , they also serve various types of pests such as insects and small vertebrates.

In the tropics, a large number of plants depend exclusively on these animals. Their front legs have been transformed into wings and approximately more than half of this species guide and hunt through echolocation. Approximately 70% of this species are insectivores and the rest frugivores.

Types of surgery

  • Frugivorous chiropter: this type of animal feed on fruits as well as various plant substances. They are located mostly in Africa, Australia and India.
  • Microbat: they are animals that feed on almost all kinds of insects, in addition to this, they use their long tongue to extract the nectar from the flowers and in turn contribute to the pollination process of plants.
  • Vampires: these types of animals feed on the blood of their victims. In this sense, they themselves wound their prey and lick the blood they secrete. They mainly attack warm-blooded animals such as chickens, pigs, horses or cattle.
  • Fish bat: they feed on fish and hunt them from the air. During their flight path, they locate the fish flush with the surface of the water where it is.
  • Omnivorous bat: they feed on other animals that are considered proportional to their size. Hunting and searching activities are carried out at night in order to protect themselves from overheating and dehydration.

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