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Examples Of Clean Technology

We will explain the examples of clean technology. Technology is both the set of knowledge and techniques that are applied in an orderly and logical way, to allow the creation and use of instruments , tools and different objects and artifacts useful to the human being, as well as the gadgets created by man (artifacts, various appliances and utensils). The clean technologies are all those with which you can perform resource management (natural, energy, time , etc.), without contamination occurs , and give higher performance and use of resources used. examples of clean technology

The clean technologies use renewable and non – polluting energy sources such as solar, wind, geothermal energy , among others, so they do not release or release very few pollutants in the atmosphere and the environment. Unlike those technologies based on energy sources such as fossil energy and others, which leave large amounts of pollutants in the environment and tend to dispose of large amounts of resources that are still usable. examples of clean technology

This type of technology is extremely varied and could help many parts of the globe to prosper materially and technologically, where “conventional” industrialization has not yet taken root, potentially improving the lives of the inhabitants of these regions, in a coordinated way with environmental care. . However, many of these technologies have been held back over decades, due to some technical issues but mainly due to the interests of large energy conglomerates (mainly linked to the oil, nuclear and coal industries), which have exerted pressure to slow down the widespread use of several of these clean technologies (particularly in relation to clean and renewable sources of energy and fuels). examples of clean technology

Both due to the increase in the cost of fossil fuels, as well as the glimpse of their upcoming shortage, many of these technologies have been being incorporated into daily use for a few decades, this coupled with the growing “environmental awareness”, which has allowed the better use of natural, energy and industrial resources, as well as recycling of the materials already used before. examples of clean technology

Examples of clean technology

Solar powered electric car: examples of clean technology

These can be charged with the energy necessary for the operation of its electric motor, by means of solar cells that capture energy from the sun, and the use of batteries for continuous use (with or without sun), have the advantage that they do not pollute the environment, unlike gasoline or diesel engines, since they do not burn any fuel that produces smog into the atmosphere. Currently there are several types of electric cars that have great maneuverability and energy autonomy, which are “charged” by connecting them to an electrical source, for their use, instead of using polluting fossil fuels.

Biofuels examples of clean technology

They are fuels from the chemical transformation of some plants, which are cultivated for the production of these renewable fuels.

Heating for homes using solar energy

They are systems that allow rooms to be heated by means of pipes (generally with water), which run along the walls and whose water is heated by the sun, aided by a tubular system in which the solar heat is concentrated, which warms or heats the water that subsequently flows. the pipe between the walls, which are made of materials that allow both the thermal insulation of the rooms with respect to the outside, as well as allow the diffusion of heat internally to the room. examples of clean technology

Solar cells examples of clean technology

Solar cells and the corresponding solar cell panels are a technology for capturing energy from the sun, which allows transforming sunlight into electrical energy to be used, without polluting the environment by generating electrical energy. These can be used together with a battery that allows the accumulation of solar energy, for use during the night hours, as well as for various electrical devices (day and night).

Hydroponic crops examples of clean technology

This technology consists of the use of knowledge and techniques that allow a better use and rationing of the resources necessary for growing food, without the need to use the soil itself, managing the water and nutritional resources of the plants in a controlled way ( in greenhouse), to obtain a good agricultural yield, which allows greater use in areas where the soils do not have the necessary nutrients to contribute to the plants. This agricultural technology allows its use in closed and controlled environments, such as ships or space stations, as well as in closed habitats (for example, underground bunkers), providing food.

Geothermal energy

Obtaining electricity from geothermal heat in areas such as Iceland and other places, where this energy can easily be used to produce electricity, or where appropriate for heating buildings, homes and various rooms through hot water pipes, It is one of the clean technologies that have worked best in these areas.

Unleaded petrol

Although unleaded gasoline as an additive to determine octane has existed since the beginning of the 20th century, its use was banned in favor of leaded gasoline (highly polluting for the environment and harmful to human life), for purely economic reasons for the benefit of The oil companies, lead (a highly polluting and poisonous material) was added to this fuel, until just a few decades ago, polluting the atmosphere and producing various diseases, but because of the various diseases caused by it, as well as the excessive environmental pollution, lead additives have now been withdrawn from these fuels in favor of other non-polluting additives, which is why gasoline with lead additives is currently prohibited in several countries. examples of clean technology

Tidal power generation

It is a clean technology that allows the generation of electrical energy by taking advantage of the natural movement of maritime tides and lake tides, by means of the movement of the waters allowing the exit of these through an outlet adapted with electrical generators. examples of clean technology


The use of water sources to move electricity generation systems are clean technologies that do not usually produce adverse environmental changes, we are talking about the use of rivers, waterfalls, lakes and tides, to provide the driving force necessary for the generation of electricity.

Water purification or treatment

Recycling or treatment of the waters already used, to eliminate any trace of contaminants and that these waters can be used again for consumption either directly as drinking water, or for agricultural and industrial uses. examples of clean technology

More examples of clean technologies:

  1. Non-polluting refrigeration gases
  2. Rainwater harvesting
  3. Use of geothermal energy
  4. Solar energy
  5. Wind power
  6. Tidal energy
  7. River energy
  8. Windmills
  9. All renewable sources of energy
  10. Hydrogen cars
  11. Solar powered cars
  12. Electric cars
  13. Solar cells (calculators, and other devices)
  14. Solar panels
  15. Solar ovens examples of clean technology

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