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Examples of cofactors

Referring to a factor can cover multiple things, we can define a factor as a unit, element or resource that has interaction with others, so the cofactor would be what complements the factor in its operation, it is correlated with the factor with a specific purpose, we will be giving some examples of cofactors .

Cofactor Examples

  1. Ristocetin Cofactor

It is a technique by which von Willebrand factor is determined, it is the in vitro observation of this factor through a blood test , in this case the cofactor will help diagnose Willebrand’s disease.

    1. Cofactor of a mathematical matrix

A matrix of cofactors is a matrix with the same dimensions as the original matrix with a difference that in the positions the cofactor of each corresponding value will have, this refers to a calculation of linear algebra, the inverse are examples of mathematical calculations of cofactors of a matrix, the adjoint of a matrix, 2 × 2 cofactor matrix, 3 × 3 cofactor matrix, etc.

  1. Enzyme organic cofactor

They are molecules that activate enzymes, using organic molecules to produce chemical transformations in enzymes.

  1. Inorganic Enzyme Cofactor

It is a non-enzymatic component, a third of enzymes need cofactors with inorganic metal ions to perform their functions, mostly trace metals, for example, those found in manganese, cobalt, iron or nickel, make the protein can be chemically modified

  1. Mineral cofactors that are non-metallic for enzymes

Selenium and sulfur fulfill their function as enzymatic cofactor, the element silica, calcium, sodium and potassium are also included in this biochemical process.

  1. Economic co-factors

Those that directly influence the economy of a country, for example, infrastructure, human capital, financial budgets, economic resources, technological progress, productivity, among others, converge on the economic factor as a cofactor.

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