Examples of Contact Sports

The  contact sports are well known and each increase their popularity worldwide. They are also known as  combat sports and you have probably ever thought about practicing them or going to study any of these. So if you do not know much, we have chosen to bring all about the  contact sports examples . Do you want to know more ?, Well, do not stop reading each of these sports that are so complete and as we said before, very popular.

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Examples of Physical Contact Sports

Although there are certain exceptions to this kind of  contact sports , I want to tell you that they are a series of 1 against 1 sports. Also, it should be noted that a series of pre-established rules are used and that they need to be respected regarding this sport. The idea is to perform a series of physical contact techniques that can be applied during a fight.

Boxing:  It is for many people the best known contact sport . It requires a lot of discipline and there are different types of fights, from 12 rounds or less. It is a 1 vs 1 duel.

Mixed Martial Arts:  One of the most important combat sports today. Millions of people follow and practice this sport, where different fighting disciplines are combined.

Taekwondo:  A very important discipline from the Asian continent. It is considered an Olympic sport and of great success. In this, only the legs are used when making contacts.

Greco-Roman Fighting:  It is a combination of what was considered a martial art at the time. Today it is an Olympic sport and one of those preferred by many people who love this type of fight.

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