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Examples of Contraceptive Methods

The contraceptive methods represent those techniques, procedures or instruments that are used to prevent a state of gestation in women. Contraceptive methods prevent the sperm from fertilizing the egg and causing a pregnancy.

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The contraceptive methods are classified according to their origin or nature, among which may be mentioned are:

  • Intrauterine: They are those that are housed inside the vagina and that contain a large amount of hormonal load.
  • Natural: It is related to sexual practices that prevent pregnancy. Even when neither person uses protection, they avoid fertilization.
  • Surgical: Procedures that allow the end of a possible fertilization process. This action is related to infertility.
  • Barrier: Devices that prevent fluid contact during sexual contact.
  • Hormonal: It is related to pharmacological treatments. This type of contraceptive method is the most used by the female population.

20 Examples of Contraceptive Methods

  1. Oral contraceptive pill.
  2. Contraceptive Patch.
  3. Copper tee.
  4. Vaginal ring.
  5. Vasectomy
  6. Tubal ligation.
  7. Contraceptive injection.
  8. Spermicides.
  9. Subdermal contraceptive.
  10. Emergency pills.
  11. Intrauterine device (IUD).
  12. Cervical caps.
  13. Diaphragm.
  14. Contraceptive sponge.
  15. Condom – condom.
  16. Female condom.
  17. Rhythm method.
  18. Lactation amenorrhea.
  19. Sexual abstinence
  20. Coitus interruptus.

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