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Examples of convection

Convection is a way in which heat is transmitted, in general it does so through liquid or gaseous fluids, in other words it is defined as the transmission of heat based on the interaction of molecules , their movement within a substance and it is precisely in this movement that materials such as liquid or gas come into play.

This type of heat transmission, as we have already said, can only be produced from fluids which have movements in a natural way, in this process the fluid in question is responsible for extracting just the heat from the hot parts and, in doing so, the density. is altered, It may also be that the movement is caused intentionally and in this case we would be talking about a forced circulation such as a mechanism that generates movement in the fluid, in this way the heat is transmitted without pauses while the body is in motion.

In convection it must also be taken into account that heat is transported in a certain volume and in turn within the substance or mixture there are a series of elements that have a hot and a cold portion, an energy exchange is also produced on a solid or liquid, it can also be caused by a pump or other mechanism.

Examples of convection

  1. The heat emanating from a stove.
  2. The windows of a bathroom fogged up by steam.
  3. Hot air balloons which can stay in the air thanks to the hot air inside.
  4. Hair dryers work thanks to a forced convection mechanism.
  5. The air that is generated by convection due to the force of the wind.

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