Examples of conventional energy

The energy standard are those that are currently used in the world and more frequently, especially is one that can be marketed, not all cases are sources of renewable energy , also aim to generate electricityAnd although alternative ways of obtaining this type of energy are currently being sought, the truth is that as they are they have a limited life time and with the passage of time and indiscriminate exploitation they have made it increasingly difficult to obtain these. which has caused their cost to rise, affecting the economy of several countries. A darker picture on this topic does not suggest that conventional energy sources will disappear within a time with much reason.

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However, not all conventional energy sources are considered non-renewable, an example of this is water, which is a natural energy source and that through various processes can generate electricity in power plants, but others such as gas. , Coal and oil are also very common sources of energy and can be seen in almost every aspect of daily life, in the latter cases there is a negative side that is pollution since gases and elements are generated due to combustion toxics that directly affect the environment accelerating what is known as global warming.

It is for this reason that within what is conventional energy, the exploitation of energy sources such as water is still being investigated, although it has the disadvantage of being currently a high-cost resource but with the benefit of not being so polluting:

Examples of conventional energy:

  1. Gas for domestic use.
  2. Charcoal.
  3. Derivatives of petroleum such as kerosene, gasoline, diesel.
  4. Thermal energy.
  5. Electricity.
  6. The nuclear energy.

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