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Examples of crawling animals

By definition, a crawling animal is understood to be those animals that move along the ground , that is, the term crawling animals indicates animals that crawl along the ground. Mostly, when thinking of a creeping animal, the image of a snake or viper (that is, a reptile) is the best known. However, there are many non-creeping reptiles and many non-reptile creeping animals. Therefore, it is important to make an important distinction; when referring to a reptilian creeping animal , these are snakes or vipers. But there are other creeping animals that are not reptiles like snails.

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Movement of crawling animals

Many of the animals that crawl (crawl) do so because they do not have an appendix and require a force to move them.


Some of these reptiles have legs, like the crocodile. Reptiles that have legs are short and have great strength. They also have a very strong tail that helps them maintain balance. In addition, frogs and toads also crawl when they are not jumping.

On the other hand, there are reptiles that do not have limbs, such as snakes, and which can only move by crawling.


Worms are a clear example of invertebrate crawling animals . These achieve their displacement since their body is composed of rings and these swell each at a different time with respect to the others, causing the movement of the worm.

On the other hand, snails move through the pressure that this exerts on the entire surface of their body. On the other hand, they have a wet and adhesive substance that facilitates their movement.


Although many insects (such as bees, wasps, bees or flies) move around by flying, when they don’t, they move by dragging their body along the ground.

28 Examples of Crawling Animals

  1. Bee
  2. Sea and land slugs
  3. Green basilisk
  4. Alligator
  5. Chameleon
  6. Sea and land snails
  7. Alligator
  8. Blind shingles
  9. Komodo dragon
  10. Skinks
  11. Worms
  12. Gusarapa
  13. Labaria
  14. Lizards
  15. Grass lizard
  16. Earthworm
  17. Miñoca
  18. Razor
  19. Nereis
  20. Caterpillars
  21. Oysters or oysters
  22. Palolo
  23. Piton
  24. Leech
  25. Snake
  26. Leatherback turtle
  27. Sea turtle
  28. Snout viper

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