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Examples of crustaceans


They are mostly marine animals and belong to the group of arthropods;  Among their main characteristics is that they have a shell and usually have two pairs of antennae, they have jaws that exert great force and up to five pairs of legs that are articulated to the body. These characteristics can be seen in most crustaceans, although the size can be variable, its body is divided into three parts that are  the cephalon (head), the pereion (thorax) and the pleon that becomes the abdomen.

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These animals have a soft body and therefore the need to generate a shell that is usually born on the head and the legs have a very robust shape and are used to move from one place to another, they are oviparous and are considered together with the mollusks as “shellfish” term used to refer to belonging to the sea. It is important to note that there are crustaceans that lack shells and among them are the hermit crab which uses conch shells that are abandoned.

This species constitutes one of the pillars in the fishing and gastronomy sector of many countries since, in addition to being food for other marine species, they are also of great value for human consumption since they provide essential nutrients in diets and are also very appreciated for their pleasant taste in different types of food.

Examples of crustaceans

  1. Shrimp.
  2. Starfish
  3. River crab
  4. sea ​​crab
  5. Crab
  6. Sea acorn
  7. Woodlouse
  8. Ox
  9. Spider crab
  10. Prawns.
  11. Spider crab.
  12. Prawn.
  13. Pea crab.
  14. Anchor worm.
  15. Quisquilla
  16. Crab.
  17. Barnacle.
  18. Picoroco.
  19. Galley
  20. Lobsters

Characteristics of crustaceans

  • They are fresh or salt water
  • They are considered aquatic arthropods
  • They have 5 pairs of legs
  • The head and thorax are fused. It is known as cephalothorax
  • On the cephalothorax are: the antennae, the eyes, two pairs of appendix and anténula.

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