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Examples of crystallization

The crystallization is a process whereby a gaseous, liquid substances or a solution is solid, but with crystalline appearance and other characteristics.

It is a method widely used in laboratories and industries to separate two elements of a homogeneous mixture, such as salty sea water to obtain salt.

It will not always be a manipulated chemical process, crystallization events occur in nature itself.

Examples of crystallization

  • Formation of frost . Water vapor in refrigerators and even in nature itself forms crystallizations on cold surfaces, like a kind of snow.
  • Freezing of water . There is no better example than this. At very low temperatures the water changes from a liquid to a solid state .
  • Salt formation . The process of desalination of water forms salt crystals. This is very common to see on some beaches.
  • Manufacture of aspirin . Acetylsalicylic acid, the active ingredient in aspirin, crystallizes together with heat, ethanoic anhydride and sulfuric acid.
  • Crystallization of sugar . Just as salt has its crystallization process, sugar has it too.
  • Stalactites and stalagmites . Formations that we find in caves and that have a high calcium content.
  • Ice formation in winter . When the temperature drops, in the streets we see ice formations on surfaces at all times, being common on roofs, cars and, of course, in rivers and lakes.
  • Silicon Purification. The silicon is melted and allowed to cool to remove impurities .
  • Benzoic acid crystallization. This acid is dissolved in acetone with a little water. This mixture will cause the acid to crystallize to the bottom.
  • Marine limestone. Some mollusks will form their own refuges after crystallization of calcite or quartz.
  • Molecular crystal formation
  • Silver crystals for films. These crystals were widely used in ancient photography as they functioned as a sensor that trapped light.
  • Calcium oxalate crystals. They are formed in the kidneys by the deposition of calcium and salts.
  • Crystallization of uric acid . They form in the joints, presenting problems to move certain extremities of the body.
  • Winterization of oils. They are based on crystallization to “clean oils” and obtain purer and more dense. Crystallization plays an important role in this process.
  • Diamond formation. After a process of high pressure in coal, one of the consequences is diamonds, which become the most crystalline element resulting.

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