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Examples of Density


The density is a property of matter which is defined as the amount of mass to volume. The density of objects are designated using the letter “p” , this term is used very frequently in the field of chemistry and physics and can be applied to liquid, gaseous and chemical materials.

There is an international system of units which mentions a series of units to represent density, there are kilograms per cubic meters that is represented by the following formula km / m3, there are grams per cubic centimeters gr / cm3, kilograms per cubic decimeters kg / dm3, while for gaseous materials, grams per cubic decimeter are used, represented as gr / dm3.

Examples of density

  1. Water is denser than steam because its molecules are larger in quantity.
  2. A population is dense to a greater or lesser extent based on the number of inhabitants per square kilometer.
  3. The ice that floats in water is due to the fact that it has a lower density since its number of molecules is less than in the same volume of water.
  4. A nail floats in mercury because it is denser, the opposite happens if there is water in its place.
  5. The density of ice is 0.92 g / cm3.
  6. The density of uranium is 18.7 g / cm3.
  7. 24 karat gold has a density of 19.32.
  8. Iridium (Ir): 22,562 -3
  9. Dubnium (Db): 29.3 -3
  10. Bohrio (Bh): 37.1 -3
  11. Water (H 2 O): 1 g / cm 3
  12. Oil: 0.92 g / cm 3
  13. Air: 1,225 kg / m
  14. Density of helium (gas used to inflate flying balloons): 0.000178 g / cm 3
  15. Molybdenum (Mo): 10.22 -3

You can notice the density in objects, for example, when you hold things of a similar size and you see that the weight is not the same; In two bags of a similar size they may have different contents, as in the first there may be feathers and in the other sand.

You will feel the difference in weight significantly, the use of density and the formulas mentioned above allow the substances to be identified and manufactured in industrial sectors such as sponges that are highly absorbent and are used in cleaning, mattresses that are made of a special material called polyester have different densities and are made for different types of use and people.

In everyday speech the term dense is used in a figurative way, when someone requires a lot of attention or is very problematic it can be said that it is someone “dense”, a film can be dense when it has a very complex story and requires a lot of attention in order to be fully understood.

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