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Examples of Direct Current

Direct current is defined as the type of electric current that passes through a conductor, this flow is displaced by a number of electrons through its molecular structure.

The DC or direct is responsible for the continuous movement of an electric charge which is between two points of the conductor having different power and electric charge so that it never changes over time.

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15 Examples of Direct Current

    • This type of current is obtained from batteries.
    • From accumulators.
    • From solar cells.
  1. Devices that use batteries need direct current to work well.
  2. The flashlights.
  3. Cell phones.
  4. The remote control.
  5. The digital camera.
  6. On railway locomotives.
  7. The lights of the cars.
  8. Laptops.
  9. Portable calculators.
  10. The remote control cars.
  11. Battery-powered toys.
  12. Rechargeable bulbs.
  13. Battery-powered radios.
  14. Portable horns.
  15. Car sound players.

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