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Examples of Electric Power

The electric energy is a source of renewable energy required for operation of various objects, which is obtained through binding or collision of two or more electrons.

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20 Examples of Electric Power

  1. Lighting a lamp: This type of energy is needed to make this object work.
  2. Electrolysis: This chemical process is used to separate substances through electrical energy.
  3. Lighthouses or poles in the avenues: The lighting that is registered in the cities is through electrical energy.
  4. LED screens: The lighting of these screens that we see in large cities require large loads of electrical energy.
  5. Generators: Through this process we can observe the transformation of mechanical energy to electrical energy.
  6. Cars: The ignition of cars is generated through electricity, even when they then operate with another type of energy.
  7. Home appliances: There are countless objects that we find at home that need to be connected so that they can turn on, this is possible thanks to electricity.
  8. Light bulbs : The light emitted by these small bulbs is generated by the work of electrical energy.
  9. Solar panels: This process allows the transformation of solar energy into electrical energy.
  10. Industries: The operation of these companies is generated 90% through electrical energy.
  11. Batteries: The operation of rechargeable batteries is due to the electricity they generate.
  12. Lightning: This event constitutes a source of electrical energy from nature.
  13. Electric trains: The modern era of this means of transport is related to electric power.
  14. Human body: The functioning of neurons occurs through electrical exchanges generated by our own body.
  15. Defibrillator: Even though its use is exclusively medical, this is a device that we all know to revive a person who has lost consciousness and his heart has stopped.
  16. Batteries: The use of these objects produces electrical energy to start up new elements.
  17. Windmills: Through this instrument, wind energy is transformed into electrical energy.
  18. Electric heating: This action is considered one of the most expensive ways (in money) to receive electrical energy.
  19. Power socket : Through the wiring that we get in the plugs we can get electrical energy, dangerous to human contact but useful for objects.
  20. Airplanes: Electric power is essential for the clearance of this means of transport .

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