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Examples of Emotional Intelligence

The emotional intelligence is the ability that can develop a person to understand, manage and improve their own emotions. The intelligence emotional develops through attitudes that facilitate interpersonal relationships.

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The emotional intelligence represents stability that can create a person through positive thoughts and improving the environment.

20 Examples of Emotional Intelligence

  1. Balance in the mood, this is more stable and less prone to ups and downs.
  2. Improve understanding of negative experiences.
  3. People who handle stress, anxiety, and depression.
  4. Promoting interpersonal relationships.
  5. More successful behavior in different situations of daily life.
  6. People capable of turning relationships with people around them into triumphs.
  7. They understand the emotions of others.
  8. Response to the emotions or  feelings of others.
  9. People who are constantly learning.
  10. People who accurately perceive emotions. This helps them prioritize what you really need.
  11. Better recognition and understanding of non-verbal language .
  12. Stimulates the ability to concentrate and creativity.
  13. People who are capable of positively influencing others.
  14. Improve communication skills.
  15. Conflict management empathically.
  16. People who channel criticism as something positive.
  17. Improve understanding and respect for the opinions of others.
  18. Improves perception of understanding of people’s thoughts and behavior.
  19. People fleeing monotony.
  20. Improve understanding of each experience.

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