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Examples of Endangered Animals

The animals in danger of extinction correspond to the list of animal species that are at risk of disappearing as a result of external factors such as illegal hunting, fishing or other agents that do not allow these species to reproduce in their natural habitat.

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20 Examples of Endangered Animals

  1. Spider monkey.
  2. Chuck.
  3. Lemurs
  4. Andean bear.
  5. Black rhinoceros.
  6. Java rhinoceros.
  7. Sea cow.
  8. Amur leopard.
  9. Chinese salamander.
  10. Woodpecker.
  11. Mountain gorilla.
  12. Axolotl.
  13. Pangolin.
  14. Multicolored tamarin.
  15. Malay tiger.
  16. Red tuna.
  17. Giant panda.
  18. Monarch butterfly.
  19. Angonoka tortoise.
  20. Common chimpanzee.

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