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Examples of Enzymes

The enzymes are a chemical aspect proteins that fulfill a catalyst in chemical process functions experienced by the human body. Enzymes perform functions such as promoting the digestive process and efficient consumption of the nutrients in each of the foods we eat.

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The enzymes are vitally important in every human body, in some cases their function is intended for medical treatments. Enzymes undergo a degradation process through heat, so it is estimated that cooked foods do not contain enzymes compared to those that are consumed raw.

25 Examples of Enzymes

  1. Sucarasa.
  2. Pepsin.
  3. Lactase.
  4. Maltasa.
  5. Diastase.
  6. Trypsin
  7. Phosphatase
  8. Secretin.
  9. Gastrine.
  10. Trypsin
  11. Ptyalin.
  12. Lipase
  13. Ribonuclease.
  14. Lipoxidase.
  15. Renina.
  16. Encephalin.
  17. Amylase.
  18. Dipeptidase.
  19. Polypeptidase.
  20. Chymosin
  21. Protease.
  22. Glucose isomerases.
  23. Tannasa.
  24. Amylase.
  25. Carboxypeptidase.

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