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Examples of eugenics

The eugenies is a philosophical listed as one pseudo , which aims to study the forms of genetic manipulation to “improve” the human races.

The idea of ​​eugenicism is to make the next generations as close to perfection as possible: stronger, healthier, smarter and more capable. In addition, it is also related to good physical appearance. To achieve such traits and characteristics, it is necessary to intervene in natural inheritance through artificial mechanisms.


Eugenicism has been developing since the 19th century and perhaps a little earlier in Greece. There have been many genocides and other conflicts that, guided by this type of thinking, have killed millions of people or harmed the lives of thousands.

This current is based on the definition of Charles Darwin , who explains that nature always “chooses” the strongest to survive in the face of adversity and therefore weak beings should not be allowed to reproduce, and in some cases, they should be induced to the death.

Around this premise, the followers of eugenics try to normalize the manipulation of the genetic code to create suitable human beings.


Not all the changes that you want to make to obtain a pure and strong breed are related only to the biological field.

One of the ambitions of eugenicism is to get people with sufficient social and political adaptation, which ultimately improves communities, governments, industries, etc.

The researchers of this pseudoscience assure that the greatest benefit of the development of this idea is to prevent people from being born with diseases that limit their functions. In addition, with this they also avoid the suffering of disabled beings and the expense that these can generate to the economy of nations.


Eugenics methods are as follows:

  • Artificial selection. A group of people decides who is the strongest and deserves to continue interacting with similar ones, thus rejecting the weakest.
  • Prenatal diagnosis. Since the baby is conceived, the pertinent studies are carried out to know if it will be a healthy person, otherwise it is possible that the pregnancy will be interrupted.
  • Genetic engineering. These are all those interventions that can be carried out to enhance the genetic load of descendants. One could also speak of the creation of subhumans.
  • Birth control. In some countries this technique is already put into practice in a certain way. It refers to controlling the number of children that couples must have and under what conditions they must conceive them.

Examples of eugenics

    • Genetic modifications of the fetus.
    • Mandatory sterilization of sick mothers
    • Forced killings of sick people.
    • The holocaust and his attempt to achieve a pure race in Germany.
    • The biological (genetic) tests that are carried out in China and part of Cyprus, on couples before marriage, including the prohibition of this act based on the results of these tests.

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