Examples of extreme sports that exist in the world

Extreme sports are those that imply some type of risk to the physical integrity of those who practice them, which means that not everyone dares to do them. There are even those who do not even consider them as sports, but rather extreme activities.

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In any case, below we share some examples of extreme sports


It is an extreme sport that consists of launching from a certain height using a parachute. Although it is common to launch from an airplane, in reality you can also use a helicopter or a hot air balloon. Due to its characteristics, it is an extreme sport, in addition to being very risky, it is also very expensive and of course it is not recommended for people who suffer from heart disease.

Bungee jumping

In this case it is an extreme sport that consists of jumping from a very high height, only with a rope tied to the feet or to the body. The places that are usually used to carry out this activity range from bridges to even long cranes. In some cases, surfaces are usually placed that cushion a potential fall, however in most cases there is nothing to protect the jumper in case something goes wrong, hence it is one of the most dangerous sports in the world.


In this case, it is an extreme sport that focuses entirely on the motor skills of the person who practices it, to perform jumps and deadly stunts. Those who perform this sport tend to have great flexibility, high body resistance, as well as strength , agility, excellent reflexes , as well as exceptional physical condition. It is very dangerous because it is necessary to move between the buildings that surround us resorting to acrobatics and long-distance jumps.


It is a very popular extreme sport, which is usually carried out in closed competition circuits. Drivers must use all their skills to complete a circuit in hostile terrain conditions, all while performing impressive stunts.


Paragliding is an extreme sport that emerged towards the end of the 20th century; It consists of using a kind of flexible lightweight glider that allows you to fly through the skies. Those who practice this sport usually choose high-altitude mountainous regions from where they jump into the void to glide through the air until they glide slowly.


It is an extreme sport that consists of the descent of rivers that are generally very difficult to navigate. What is done is to travel the river beds using a raft or boat equipped for it. In general, these rivers are turbulent and with wild currents, in such a way that the objective is to travel the entire river without the raft capsizing. In this sport, several people usually participate using life jackets, helmets and oars to give direction to the raft and finish the route without being swept away by the current.

BASE jump

Today it is considered the most dangerous extreme sport in the world. It has a considerably high risk, however it is a controlled and calculated risk. Usually a single parachute is used and jumps are performed at much lower altitudes compared to conventional skydiving.

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