Examples of Extreme Sports

We explain the examples of extreme sports. Extreme sports are known as all those that carry a certain degree of danger , risk of suffering accidents that lead to injuries and even death, that is, these activities can compromise the physical integrity of the practitioner or his life. These are physical-sports activities that, either due to the technical conditions of the sport in question or those of the terrain, present a latent risk to the integrity of the athlete.

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The extreme sports are activities that present a high risk and in many cases a high degree of excitement, which produces large amounts of adrenaline, a very important factor both for the continuation of the practice (because it arouses great emotions, both in practitioners and in observers ), as well as because to a certain extent it produces a degree of addiction in the person, which makes them seek new emotions in the same extreme sport or in other more “extreme” and dangerous ones.

The degree of danger is given by the conditions in which it is practiced. The circumstances in which an activity is practiced are those that make it classified as extreme sports or not, for example, cycling, if it is practiced on a track does not enter this classification, however mountain biking when it is on a track cliff is considered as such.

The more dangerous the activity, the more extreme it is classified . Many sports and recreational activities that are not classified as dangerous become extreme sports by increasing the risk in the conditions in which they are practiced, such as the terrain or other factors, so there are high, medium and low risk.

For the practice of this type of sports, factors such as being in good physical and mental condition must be taken into account, to withstand the pressure, and carry out the actions properly, as well as having the necessary safety equipment to avoid tragic consequences.

In several disciplines of these sports activities there are subcategories that, due to the special conditions, present a greater or lesser risk or danger, an example of this is the case of rappelling and rappelling in waterfalls, which due to the terrain conditions (a waterfall) , as well as the climate (such as strong winds), present a greater degree of difficulty and risk. In the same way, factors such as mountain climbing and mountaineering without ropes affect factors, where the risk could obviously lead to death in the event of an accident.

Examples of extreme sports:

1. Car
stunts 2. Bicycle
stunts 3. ATV
stunts 4. Motorcycle
stunts 5. Skateboard stunts
6. Hang gliding
7. Mountaineering
8. Mountaineering without ropes
9. Diving with sharks.
10. Sports diving
11. Sports diving under ice
12. Sports diving with sharks

13. Bungee jumping.
14. Bungee jumping
15. Canoeing
16. Canoeing in rivers (rapids)
17. Racing and hot air balloon flight
18. Quadricycle racing

19. Boat racing

20. Snowmobile racing

21. Motorboat racing 

22. catamaran 

23. Mountain biking 

24. Descent in rapids. 

25. Spherism 

26. Water skiing 

27. Skiing on sand or sandboard 

28. Skiing on snow 

29. Kitesurfing 

30. Motocross 

31. Kayaking (in rapids) 

32. Skydiving 

33. Paragliding 

34. Parkour 

35. Glider or soaring 

36. Bungee jumping
37. rafting
38. Rolling on slopes
39. Ski jumping.
40. Snowmobile jumping.
41. skateboard
42. snowboard
43. snowboard on sand
44. surf
45. surfing with giant waves or near cliffs.
46. ​​sailing
47. windsurfing

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