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Examples of Food Chain

The food chain is also known as the food chain and is used to name in an orderly way the living beings that feed on each other carrying an order, the chain term arises because one being feeds on another and this in turn also it is eaten by third parties.

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Through the process that occurs with the food chain, there is a loss of energy since consumers are classified as primary and secondary consumers, among others. It is important that there is always a balance in the biological community to avoid a natural disaster in animal life. As you well know, the trophic chain begins through plants since through photosynthesis they can produce organic matter from inorganic using solar energy.

15 Examples of food chain

  1. Rabbits feed on plants and herbs, but they are eaten by predators such as cougars, foxes, and other carnivorous animals.
  2. Caterpillars feed on plant leaves and small birds feed on caterpillars.
  3. Insects eat the leaves of some plants, toads eat insects, and snakes eat toads.
  4. The grass feeds the sheep, predators such as pumas eat the sheep and when they die, they decompose into humus by bacteria and fungi, thus nourishing the grass again.
  5. The beetles feed on the feces of the animals, the lizards feed on them and the coyotes eat the lizards.
  6. The butterflies feed on the nectar of the flowers and these are eaten by the bats who are food for the opossums.
  7. Zebras feed on weeds and crocodiles feed on zebras.
  8. The chickens eat the worms and the lighthouses eat the chickens.
  9. The aquatic spiders feed on insects and these are eaten by some fish and the fish are food for the storks.
  10. The mice feed on some plants, the snakes eat the mice, and the eagle feeds on snakes.
  11. The caterpillar feeds on leaves, the beetle eats the caterpillar, the shrew eats the beetle and the fox feeds on the shrew.
  12. The bees feed on the nectar of the flowers and the spiders eat the bees.
  13. Lizards eat insects and cats eat lizards.
  14. The ants feed on the leaves of the plants and the birds eat the ants.
  15. The whales feed on other fish and man captures the whales.

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